Stirring : A Literary Collection

Linda Goin


Coyote called a decade ago,
rousting her from hotbeds in the South.
A new animal instinct * snagging everything she had
not knowing what she'd need * including her voice
shut and sealed * branding irons of Revlon:
     Hot Pinks
        Georgia Peaches
           Coral Seas * smooth as glass.

When she arrived in the Rockies
she dug deep adventure * ready to divine hearts
with the rod of reminiscence, harking * back to back
with a man who held her to primal law * gravity gone
sharing brief bodies of knowledge * sound impact
     eagle's claw
        bobcat's crawl
           telling all * with courage.

She became skilled at the practice of tossing
turning herself inside out, hiding * one cold hard case
under blankets of receipts * tissue bouquets
baptized with leftover leaves * tobacco
buried in the bottom of her black Biloxi bag
     one last
        red hot
           ghost kiss * for the South.

Date of Birth: 11/13/54
Location: Schaumburg, Illinois
Publications: Mile High Poetry, Yankee Boy Review, Inscriptions Magazine
Awards: 13 Colorado Press Association Awards in 1995, Poet of the Month, Poetry Superhighway, March 2001

Stirring : A Literary Collection

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