Stirring : A Literary Collection

Wendy Howe


Listen to the birds……if you can
they're warning us about
population growth and sprawl.

                          John Flicker
                          Knight Ridder Tribune

There is an ache in the trees,
in delicate joints
where birds nested
and wind rubbed light
into their song at dawn.

Wings no longer tat
branches with shadow

flitting from second to second
synchronizing  mirth

with the dance of warbler
sparrow or thrush.

Their absence hangs
over the spare woods
like a  shawl of  mist,
drifting threadbare after the rain,

and I shiver --
my hair clutching dampness
then falling limp
                as grief.

Wendy Howe
Location: New York
Publications: Panda Poetry, Literary Espresso, Mi Poesias, Breathe Magazine, Southern Ocean Review, Poetry Magazine, Poetic Voices of America, Stirring V2:E2, etc.

Stirring : A Literary Collection

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