Stirring : A Literary Collection

Dan Sicoli


here lover
letís undress
this sex between

disarm and expose
native tongue
liquid as air and soliloquy

in curled edges of
punch bag hearts
our sameness thrives

oh that man
that city worker with connections
with pupils warm as black ice
with shoulders big as movie idol
and a shadow that lingers like
the color of a bruise long after pain subsides

yet you withstood
too long

but here
naked as thoughts would allow
we meet on the lam
and your tension collapses

this adrenaline comes to collect a debt
i want him in soil

itís not that you should have
worn my sheets as flags
or pretend to recall something we might have held
sonya, you simply are deserving of better

unfurl hands
bring on a new ministry

Dan Sicoli
Publications: Vinyl Elephant, Zero City, KYEzine, Erosha, Bender, The Louisiana Review, Iodine, ONTHEBUS, Thunder Sandwich, Bathtub Gin, Stirring V2:E1, V2:E3, V3:E3
Awards: Pushcart Prize nominee
Other: Co-editor and Co-founder of Slipstream Magazine and Press

Stirring : A Literary Collection

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