Stirring : A Literary Collection

Michelle Cameron


The beetle walked a weary circuit
around the tower.

The world does not revolve around the weasel,
nor does the emerald glow to show the way.

The man who kidnapped all my dreamscapes
fed them thin wine and bitter acorns.

A wasp, its wings abuzz, aflutter,
set down on the wheel, then crushed.

Time ran out, the clockface broken,
gears and dials scattered on the ivory lace.

Location: Chatham, New Jersey
Publications: Riding the Meridian, Niederngasse, Mentress Moon, Comrades, 3rd Muse, 2River View, Atomicpetals, Comrades Anthology 2001, So Dark So Deep, Verse Libre, the Paterson Literary Review, Stirring V3:E7

Stirring : A Literary Collection

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