Stirring : A Literary Collection

Jeffrey Ewing


The night has come to a stop
beyond the fence, vine-cobbled,
leaning into the wind
its jigsaw faces silent
looking away
toward the train yard
a single leaf

Expectant, before a rain,
the world has ground still
suspending its business
and appetites
for the day
above the dry valley
a vacuum
of waiting.
All movement has ceased
thought coagulates, hardens,
as though there were no words
worth stringing
behind the hospital
a thousand wires

With a smothered light
disrespectful of the stars
the night has come to stay
in the hollow
where you were

in the rain
that refuses
to fall.

Date of Birth: 1956
Location: Sacramento, California
Publications: 2River View, Tule Review, Stirring V3:E7, etc.
Other: Had several plays produced in New York and Los Angeles.

Stirring : A Literary Collection

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