Stirring : A Literary Collection

Rebecca Lu Kiernan


Wild eyed, trembling, as if to some maiden
train track rescue, he drives from Tallahassee
silver Porsche Boxter hugging low
with compulsively crisp white shirts, khaki pants
with razor creases, a custom made Armani
tuxedo in midnight blue, pretentious ruby
cuff links, little red book of numbers
of women who would vomit at the sound of his
voice, two scallop shell wedding bands,
a marriage license taped back together, cologne
worn by few heterosexual men, photographs
of children who will never see another dime
of child support, orangewood cigars, a blush
mermaid cut bridal gown that missed its final
fitting, jars of Vasoline, pearls soaked in
alcohol, Yanni CD's, nipple clamps, hazelnut
coffee beans, eleven page prenuptial contract,
two stone gray Great Dane pups with emerald
eyes, four guns, two antique, one for self
defense, one used in his second suicide attempt,
passport, maps, lists of contacts to be declared
legally dead in Haiti, dive-master certification
study guide, Prozac starter kit, my phone number
and what he believes to be my new address in
seven places, three in the car, four on his person.
At least he will be acknowledged by the official
Walmart greeter.
Because the day I left his house hysterical
I had to stop for tampons
and an elderly man with a big smile asked
how I was doing and for the first time
in so long I felt like a human being.

Rebecca Lu Kiernan
Publications: Ms. Magazine, Gargoyle, Longshot, New Works Review, Southern Ocean Review, Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, Exquisite Corpse, 2River View, Naked Poetry, North American Review, Stirring, etc.
Chapbook: Sex With Trees And Other Things Equally Responsive
Awards: Nominated For The General Electric Award For Writers
Editor of: Gecko

Stirring : A Literary Collection

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