John Turner


When I was much younger
I ran into a shark in sheepís clothing
I should have caught the subtle differences:
The salt water dripping from the wool
the dorsal fin
the flat, lidless eyes
and the frenzied attack on the grass
with 3,297 serrated triangular teeth
but I missed all that.
It took off most of the best part of my arm.

You see what Iíve done since
and claim I should be glad;
"Wow!  Iíve never seen anyone
with a trophy ramís head on the wall
with 3,297 serrated triangular teeth
and a dorsal fin before!"
Maybe so --
but then
youíve never tried
flipping pancakes
with a hook.

Date of Birth: August 7, 1952
Location: Davenport, Iowa
Day Job: Instructor of English at Scott Community College
Publications: Short Stuff, Samsara Quarterly, Astronomy, Lyrical Iowa, Squashblossom, Black&White, The Poet, Stirring V2:E3, etc.
Awards: James Hearst Poetry Award; first on-line Slammaster for Simon&Shuster and Warner Brothers; judge of Third Fusion Poetry Competiton
Other: Written/Starred in 17 plays in last 12 years in Quad City area

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