Rebecca Lu Kiernan


By accident,
I fucked an angry midget,
a control freak with a cruel streak
who made a hobby of fracturing
in quiet, persistent ways
until on ordinary mornings
they would rise from his cock
to flip pancakes in a flowery robe
and he would leave without a word
brushing fragments of their flesh
from his tiny demolition hands,
rubbing blood out
of his eyes.
Knowing this, I put on
the dragonfly sheets
and slicked my hair
into a tight French twist
and scooted down in bed
so he would feel tall
and sometimes in his eyes
softened by peppermint candles,
I saw a regular-sized boy
begging for his angry mother's affection
getting smaller with every way
he planned to crush her
when he grew up big.

Rebecca Lu Kiernan
Date of Birth: June 21,1963
Publications: Ms. Magazine, Gargoyle, Longshot, New Works Review, Southern Ocean Review, Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, Exquisite Corpse, 2River View, Naked Poetry, North American Review, etc.
Books: Sex With Trees And Other Things Equally Responsive, The Man Who Remembered Too Much
Awards: Nominated For The General Electric Award For Writers
Editor of: Gecko

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