Kristy Bowen


You see, you are already
thinking of water, of rain,
boats in the harbor, the rocks
knocking the bottom in your blood.

Here, one could go on forever,
past the breaking points of trees,
the erotics of distance
tripping across the plains.

Here, where the dead cannot rest
for need of anchor,
you must constantly reassemble,
arms, breasts, heart,
like a ship in a bottle.

You must gather pots and children
Dresses and men,
this want, itself,
like a sickness, a blight
you can taste
in the salt of his skin.

Here, alone amidst the sky,
you can turn desire
over and over like a stone
in your hand, wonder
how far you'd go to follow.

Date of Birth: April 25th, 1974
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Publications: Poetry Midwest, Prairie Poetry, Megaera, Ascent, Eclectica, Poetry, Poetry Life and Times, Starry Night Review, Lingerings, Mentress Moon, Stirring, etc.
Editor of: Wicked Alice

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