Mitchell Metz


Big shot senior
wouldn't let me wear his ruffled shirt

so in a fit of teen pique, I
messed up his closet.  Boy was he mad.

I lay stretched on my orange bedspread
listening to the Cubs lose another game

when he stormed in all bellbottoms and bangs,
fuck yous and fists.

I ducked and covered, tasted blood,
invited bruises, then bawled

a short forever
not for any damage incurred

but because earlier that week I broke
his school record

after busting out the shoulders
of his best paisley number.

Location: Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
Publications: Crab Creek Review, Mangrove, Slipstream, The Sow's Ear Poetry Review, Naked Poetry, Eclectica, Adirondack Review, Artemis Journal, etc.

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