Ralph Dartford


I had this great big thing
with this little small town flirt,
but now sheís gone away
still wearing my Oxford Blue shirt.
I bet itís not tucked in,
itís flapping around her thighs;
top two buttons strategically undone,
a treat for some new boy's eyes.
Iím not saying that Iím jealous,
Iím not saying that Iím hurt,
I never really cared for her,
but I loved that Oxford Blue shirt.

Date of Birth: March 14, 1963
Location: London, England
Email: RDARTFORD@aol.com
Publications: Pulp, Factions, The Living Room, Technopagen, Territories Magazine, abctales.com.co.uk, etc.
Awards: Eastern Arts Writers Bursary, ABCtales.com Writer of the Week

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