Dan Sicoli


at first your clues were subtle
when on virginia beach
you molded a dolphin in the sand
guided by a fatherís hands

when clouds mounted
we decided to call it a day
you cried
and not because you wanted
to play on the beach longer
but because you learned you couldnít
take the dolphin home

when i tucked you tightly
in the motel bed that night
you asked about the dolphin
and wondered if it would be there in the morning
"the waves" i confessed
"the waves would probably wash him away"
"i miss him" you whispered nearly sobbing

then as a teenager
we brought you to a counselor
after you halfheartedly knifed lines
into your thighs and arms a day after
your boyfriend left

just a phase we decided
but the morning
you climbed atop the iron railing
along century bridge
earned the attention of gawkers
we gasped

when red lights spun
you leaned over gracefully and fell
onto a current of air
astonishing all
as you treaded across sky
taming the blue
capturing the sun

we never knew you could really fly

Dan Sicoli
Location: Niagara Falls, New York
Email: Slipdan@aol.com
Website: http://www.slipstreampress.org
Publications: Nerve Cowboy, Serving_Suggestion, Prose Ax, Comrades, CerBerUs, Chiron Review, Main Street Rag, Iodine, Bathtub Gin, Thunder Sandwich, Stirring V2:E1, V2:E3, V3:E3, V3:E6
Awards: Pushcart Prize nominee
Other: Co-editor and Co-founder of Slipstream Magazine and Press

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