Brandon Hobson


       (for little Dee Dee in a foster home,
       whether she likes it or not)

My chinchilla makes you sweeter.
Today is my birthday
and Suha's playing the piano with her elbows.

Go ahead and follow me
from tree to tree,
rooftop to fence.
You have no idea how sweet you are.

Back inside,
Gluey and Suha sing the sushi bar song
in a pretend land called cornu.
Meanwhile, I sit and play with my hands.

Xiu Xiu likes dressy bessy
and putting mom's makeup on each night.
Her reflection in the mirror
looks like my favorite ice cream.

I'll spend the day
carrying a cross on my back.
My green sweater is torn.
Outside, you help me notice
the shadows form tragic shapes,
and that makes loving things difficult.

Location: Yukon, Oklahoma
Publications: The Southern Anthology, The New Plains Review, Words of Wisdom, 2river View, 3am Magazine, etc.

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