Patty Mooney


The Gangtok Marathon is canceled. 
Management advises us not to cycle or videotape. 
A coup impels us to stay inside
our rooms at the Nor-Khill Hotel drinking
hot chocolate spiked with Fireball brandy.
From the window Slag shoots footage
of the military camp next door. 
A police officer was stabbed to death last night
while Snow Leopard and Yak
were smoothing each other's fur.

Patty Mooney
Date of Birth: July 1, 1955
Location: San Diego, California
Publications: Eclectica, Free Zone Quarterly, Stirring, Fairfield Review, Cedar Hill Review, Red Cedar Review, Stirring, etc.
Awards: California Press Women, 1st Place Poetry; Red Cedar Review, poetry award; First Annual San Diego Writers’ Cooperative Writing Competition

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