Tania Rochelle


I offer her a turn
on my broken pogo stick,

put bees in the postal box
she checks for spies,

and switch off Mr. Rogers
so she has no one to talk to.

Even better, I turn her into a four-year-old,

send her down to the basement
with teen-aged Dennis

while I fry potatoes for dinner.

He shows her the meat-locker
full of blood and muscle
heíll shut her up in if she tattles.

Later, we have hamburgers,
and then I braid her hair just like mine.

Date of Birth: March 21, 1963
Location: Marietta, Georgia
Email: troche4606@aol.com
Publications: Three Candles, The Blue Moon Review, Thunder Sandwich, Iris, Mediphors, New York Quarterly, Snake Nation Review, Stirring, Split Verse, etc.
Awards: Editorís Choice Award from Snake Nation Review

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