Jason Lee Brown


I donít remember standing in my fatherís cowboy boots, no more than three years old,
trying to walk, powder white legs with curled toes barley able to budge.

I donít remember the heavy long leather, like steel chaps -- and taking a small step, two
or three inches maximum, but still a step, towards the coffee table corner.

I donít remember that Armstrong-like stride, and him releasing his bottle to pet motherís
knuckles with chilled fingertips, and her fetching another beer afterwards.

I do remember the 15 stitches behind my left ear and the thumb-size lump, not to mention
the Dr.ís needle twisting and grinding, draining the fluid from the swelling.

Location: Sullivan, Illinois
Occupation: Weekly columnist for News Progress
Email: jl22brown22@hotmail.com
Publications: The Vehicle, Taint Magazine, Snow Monkey, Kitty Litter Press

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