James Lineberger


it was the end
of wwii and we had no more
than got settled in when
i was listening to the radio through
the living room
window and daddy said what jesus
what he said
what’s an a-bomb
and later on that day we got invited
to my uncle atlee’s house to eat
catfish that were raised in the little pond
he had below the pasture
and when us boys went down there
after supper we found
one of the cats floating belly-up on the water
and richard said if it was a real river
instead of this stupid hole in the ground
they wouldn’t die like that
because in a river there is room enough for everybody
to breathe and if he ever thought we would
be moving to a shitty goddamn mill town like
this he woulda went out in the water like those japs
and got drowned
before he was turned into dust like all the rest of them
and just blowed away

Location: Hell's Half Acre, North Carolina
Email: jdline@vnet.net
Publications: Stirring, etc.

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