Jessy Randall


He signs a piece of paper
saying if he dies
I get $300,000.

Then he leaves.

Leaving is
like dying.
Leaving could be

With $300,000
I could buy a lion.
I could buy a llama.
I could buy a llama
farm. I could make
sweaters from their wool.
I could become a llama wool millionaire
and take those millions and buy a spaceship.
I could discover life orbiting Alpha Centauri
and find a new boyfriend on the new planet,
one who really understands love, and what it means,
and what it requires.

Date of Birth: December 25, 1969
Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Occupation: Curator of Special Collections at Colorado College
Publications: Antietam Review, Blue Moon Review, Mudfish, Painted Bride Quarterly, Pif, Snakeskin, Zuzu's Petals Quarterly, etc.
Book: Dorothy Surrenders

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