Logan Ryan Smith


a patient fly housed in a dollís bedroom
flew about frenzied with a twir of adolescent rage
beating its body against flowered walls
that smelled like plastic and lacked the perfume
of the wide open
its wings slapping against each other --
sliding through the sheets
knocking over the little plastic tv
pushing by the unlit lamp
feeling too large for such a space
(and without running water or a drop of anotherís blood)
and the quiet of the calm was distinctly close
and what rambunctiousness that rampaged
lived somewhere far in beyond --
the fly buzzing hissing like a cat
growling like a bigger cat
flying round the tiny room with windows locked
and miniature door shut
the fly being like a bee
being angry with zís following
and stinger ready

then giving in
loving the flowers on the wall
reading by the unlit light
watching the fallen television
walking round in circles

Date of Birth: September 16th, 1977
Location: San Francisco, California
Email: small_song@yahoo.com
Publications: 2River View, Words on a Wire, The Rose & Thorn, Over the Transom, Hobart, Stirring, etc.
Editor of: Small Town

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