Lawrence Carradini


She moved like sand across a wet stone
in retreat.  Fluid.  I cannot remember where
such sand exists.  On retreat?  Was it down east,
where a thousand Monarch butterflies landed?

The sky was blue and a warm-air-not-hot, was on
my arm.  But, not that beach.  It was points not north,
more south, in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  Yes.  Rocks
and sand.  Sand - and butterflies, know, move like memory.

She moves like sand across wet stone.
Such sand exists.  Fluid.  Movement.  She.
Sometimes, sand.  Sand; and butterflies, like memory.

And, recall the wash and play, the swish and splash.
The way the movement held me
affixed, like rock water in winter down sides -- like stone.

Location: Lowell, Massachusetts
Publications: Salt Hill, Kettle of Fish, The Muddy River Poetry Review, Mobius, PoetryBay, The Cafe' Review, Long Island Quarterly, Stirring, PoLARITY, (translated into Chinese) Contemporary Foreign Literature - Nanjing University, Dialogue Through Poetry - 2001 Anthology, etc.
Books: Concept #3, Poetry Showcase, Burning Heads
Awards: Honorable Mention, 1994 Richard A. Seffron Memorial Poetry Award - Hyacinth House Publications

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