Will Roby


A woman thrusting blades against her leg
is a major event, this earthquake was nothing.
People still prepare for work, for school,
for each other's eager tug when the lights are out.
The grass prays humbly
where it juts between piles of cement
where it is walked on.
Buildings drool and rasp as they settle
into Manhattan. One day this will be an ocean
until then I stare at the women in their rooms
undressing, cooking pasta, shaving their legs.

Location: Lubbock, Texas
Occupation: Full-time student
Email: willroby@poetic.com
Publications: The Circle Mag, Karawane, GW Review, Melic Review, Stirring, etc.
Awards: 2001 Poetry Super Highway annual contest, nominated for the 2001 Mary Roberts Rhinehart grant

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