Kim Welliver
V4:E4 April, 2002


In jelly jars I own my bones
like berries sunk in purple sap,
the apple whittled to a moon,
or citrus pared to syruped pulp.

I spread my ease like marmalade
across the joists and joints of men,
my honey skin and velvet nap
moves autumnal over them.

I harvest both their fruit and root
and mull October pungent mead,
twilight's' thick perennial ache
a brew of darkly wintered wine

Location: Utah
Publications: Samsara, Mentress Moon, Poetry Repair Shop, Ygsdrasil, Green Tricycle, The Horsethief’s Journal, littlebrownpoetry, Poetry Super Highway, 2River, the Oquirrhh Writers Review, etc.

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