Jonathan Campbell


one of those eleven pmís where the fan
wonít pull apart the wet web of heat in
this bug-filled room.  and Iím so thirsty.

I have returned to the sink six times but
I am never filled and my mouth is always
dry.  my mouth is a dirty yellow sponge;

my hands are claws, my feet pointy
sticks.  and youíre talking about some-
thing, youíre talking and talking, the

room is hazing over and gray and 1000
pinheads of sweat have just appeared
on my forehead.  how can you like her

when you know that she cheats?
say.  and Iím angry because I donít have
an answer.  which is the only reason Iím

ever angry.  Iím angry that I canít under-
stand: why the phone wonít ring, and
when it does, why I wonít pick it up.

Date of Birth: December 18, 1978
Location: Gales Ferry, Conneticut
Occupation: Student Extraordinaire

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