Robert Gibbons
V4:E5 May, 2002


I paint the light that emanates
from all bodies.
-Egon Schiele

Spring forced up signs
ahead of itself before welling
into full lubricity.
The damned, intelligent
crows as early as February mobbing,

Inside the Gallery,
meeting someone days before the official opening,
I'm struck dumb
by Schiele's Little Tree,
& the body of the girl
whose lava-red
vulva startles the eye to seed.

Our own planting, which the entire family attempted,
perhaps too early in March,
herbs & lettuces,
we'll see.

Dancing with all three girls at the exact 3:28 in the afternoon equinox
passing overhead.
The youngest daughter balancing an egg,
the oldest, herself, in air.
Third? My wife crawled deep down inside me waiting to change
to word.

Just yesterday, the entire city roiled in the wind
in the form of an abandoned tourist map
gone mad along the sidewalk.
Today, jonquil leaves, which last week drank the last layer of snow,
tongue the sun.

Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Publications: The American Journal of Print, Conspire, The Drunken Boat, Evergreen Review, Frank, In Posse Review, Janus Head, The Literary Review, Recursive Angel, Small Spiral Notebook, Stirring, etc.
Chapbooks: Ardors, Lover, Is Exile?, Of DC, This Vanishing Architecture, Brief History of Erotic Gesture

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