Alan W. Greenwood


Their ranch house wet-mopped
wooden floors, the roof a
rusted tin, only a few paces
from Trinity's green glass of
lurking history.

I bore Jim Bob, a youthful crow
still clad in pinfeathers, me
and his light bulb mother.

One cousin clapped, nude save
his shirt. His penis a flaccid,
uncircumcised finger of loose skin
flapping, his hands clapping
as older brothers robbed sparrow's nests
of pink, naked fruit and dropped it down
Jim Bob's greedy, wide-pink gullet.
Newborn taking newborn in my
cousin's perverse, crow communion.

Birds returning to their faux womb.
  and then the beak snapped shut.

Date of Birth: July 24, 1954
Location: Hobbs, New Mexico
Occupation: Freshman High School English Teacher
Publications: Red River Review, American Western Magazine, Southwest Creations, The SouthWest Sage, etc.
Awards: J.L. Burke Awards Spring 2000

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