Anthony Robinson


      after Hayden Carruth

The moon last night sounded a mutinous
siren, a cacophonous wail from on high,
a murder of evening birds and a thin bloodless
banshee's weeping.  No, that moon
didn't stop and we didn't care-we
wanted each naked blade of grass to stand
erect and shudder amid the din, crows
to drop dead heavy from the sky, alley
cats slain in their paw-tracks, the city
leveled to grey dust under the moon's tirade.  We
bargained each kiss beneath the falling oak
to last a moment more and even as the lightning
struck we stayed there, cemented flesh
to flesh, awkward and brazen, young
enough, thrashing in this storm, our bodies
the beautiful hinge on night's closing door.

Date of Birth: October 10, 1972
Location: Eugene, Oregon
Occupation: Teacher
Publications: Chase Park, CrossConnect, SLIDE, Sämsara Quarterly, Spinning Jenny, Snowmonkey, Exquisite Corpse, Stirring, etc.

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