Jen Ross

Jen is the former editor of Mentress Moon, an online journal by women which ran from June 1999 - July 2002.

She comes from Kingston, Canada and has lived in Edinburgh, Scotland, with Louise and the cats, for the past five and a bit years.

She works as a web designer and an editor and sometimes a Mac-fixit-goddess.

She's going be studying part time at the Open University starting in February, when she takes up the reins of her wayward Literature degree.

Last year her New Year's resolutions were to eat more adventurously, learn to drive in Edinburgh, do lots of yoga, and start writing again.

The yoga went by the wayside in the summer and the writing's gone nowhere, but she is now often to be seen behind the wheel on the cobbled streets of the city, and has in just the last week eaten at least three new things.

And two out of four isn't bad!

She's looking forward to many changes in the year ahead. It's going to be a tumultuous one, so her New Year's resolutions for 2003 are to remain as calm as possible (maybe going back to yoga will help), and to get lots of sleep, exercise and healthy food.

She can be contacted at

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