Christina Wos’ Donnelly


Buddhist monks in saffron robes
beneath deciduous trees

bourbon kisses
against the whiteness
of the wall you hit

"Why, any woman in North America
with half a pint of self-esteem..."
would receive love with reverence?

We’re just looking
for a soft place to land
or maybe loiter.

Location: On the Niagara River in Buffalo, NY
Publications: Slipstream 2002, WordWrights!, Artvoice, The Buffalo News, Stirring, Map of Austin Poetry,, Rogue Scholars, Short Stuff, The Writers’ Den, Circle Magazine, The 2River View and Lilliput Review, The Shadow’s Imprint: Poetic Reflections on Death (Blarney Stone Books, Nov 2002), Off the Cuffs: Poetry by and about the Police (Soft Skull Press, Jan 2003) Common Roots, Common Ground: Poetry of Cultural Diversity (Saltwinds Press, March 2003)
Chapbook: Venus Afflicted
Awards: Artvoice Artist of the Week, July 25-31, 2002; Rogue Scholars Two-Headed Kitty Award, September 2003
Experience: Stirring Guest Editor : September, 2003 & November, 2002

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