PJ Nights


the afternoon dreams
against stationery of bruised berries

its waxed seal, the moon
strains to wish itself into being

here I make us soup of spit and twigs
and the vestigial fins of fishes

to store in copper cauldrons --
I press grapes into pockets of leather

trees are stripped nude
branches hold rude sentences

of a thousand rooks, rogue groups
of punctuation arc up and under

from their words I weave
pack-baskets for the flanks of okapi

we untie our knotted lines
follow syllables of rivers to the sea

Location: Maine
Occupation: Physics & astronomy teacher
Email: pj_nights@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.geocities.com/pj_nights
Publications: Animus, Penumbra, Slow Trains (Volume I & II), MiPo Print, Apples and Oranges, The Green Tricycle, Steel Point Quarterly, LotusBlooms Journal, Mind Caviar, and the textbook Language and Prejudice
Awards: 1st place Poetry Superhighway 2003
Editor of: MiPo

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