Sarah Vap


Title: Increase.
Title: Red, round, dog-
dog and cup on aquamarine saucer
with sugar, dog
delicate, chipped.
Warm, nude-
dog forever.
Red and calm with lips, nails
bit, biting the teacup.
Title: Heroic-Looking Men in Thigh-Boots.
White floes around the debris
of cinnamon trees. This is when
I was small and the lake and I
were very romantic.
Title: Trembling
Horsehair-Braider. The whole
schoolyard gone
to daylilies and timothy. Hot
from the conscious, but all right.
Dog named
on your neat shelf.
The dogma can by dying
be dying. The air cooler
around the lake.
of horsehair--acts
of devotion: step, counter-turn, and turn.
Turn, counter-turn, and stand.
The teacup, wicked. The dog, soluble.
Title: Dog Box.
Title: Someone Brilliant
Who is Also an Outsider. Weathered
lobster-boat on blocks. How things
can turn so quickly.

Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Occupation: Teaches poetry and composition classes at Phoenix College, Arizona State University, and Writer's Voice

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