Christina Ranon


iris. she killed you with lips like butterflies.

your petal carpet
slipped beneath the mud-drenched feet
of girl, hungrily lipping a green-cloaked hip.

worm-rot set in early this summer,
the year spoiled in your feathered enclaves.
in the moist encasement of evening,
girl in her feral crouch comes early,
covered in grass stains and dew.

donít pick the flowers, girl
rebel gardener, spayed for killing --
sips a little death in the pomegranate sunshine.

Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Publications: Minetta Review, State of the Arts, Celebration, Many Mountains Moving, etc.
Awards: 1st place play, Florida Studio Theatre Young Playwrights Contest; Semifinalist L. Ron Hubbard's Writers of the Future Contest

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