Kostas Hrisos
V4:E4 April, 2002


Today the wind was rattling my window
more than ever.

I wedged a piece of paper in the gap.
It was your letter.

Date of Birth: October 26, 1955
Location: Newcastle upon Tyne, England
Occupation: Information Systems Lecture
Email: kostas.hrisos@btinternet.com
Website: http://www.interpoetry.com
Publications: Nea Poria, Paratiritis, Yfos, Pandora, Skyline Publications, Taj Mahal Review, Mandragoras, O Paratiritism, In Other Words, etc.
Awards: Poetic Inspire's Poet of the Month; Poem of the Month at poets.org; Poem of the Day & Writer of the Week at abctales.com
Other: Read at London invited by ABCtales.com and at the Morden Tower

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