Patty Mooney
V2:E9 September, 2000


Lady, the man who introduced us
rides insecurities blindly,
finds more than he believes.
Our collected data would pull
him into tug-of-war mudflats.
He wouldn't like it.

He won't venture into wild women
he closets his fears
he needs more storage.

Up on the seawall you dance
three blocks' distance, flirt
from seagull vantage.
He is not proud of the two of us,
our butterfly tactics,
the way we take to other men.

He does not deserve
a woman with kryptonite eyes
who sees his wounds
and the way he licks them.

Patty Mooney
Date of Birth: July 1, 1955
Location: San Diego, California
Occupation: Video producer & writer
Publications: Eclectica, Thunder Sandwich, pif magazine, Pogonip, Free Zone Quarterly, Writers Monthly (featured poet, July 2002), Mentress Moon, Branches Quarterly, Pierian Springs, Stirring, etc.
Awards: 1st Place, California Press Women; 3rd place, Red Cedar Review; Honorable Mention, San Diego Writers Organization

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