Denis Michel Garrison


A man who had gotten himself a job as a chiropractor is naked in a room.
There is a certificate on the wall with calligraphic proof of official
approval and it is in a fifty dollar frame, so it is okay for the man to be
naked. He knows what he is doing. His patient is naked, too; it is okay
because the naked man said so.  The man is manipulating the patient's body,
flexing and bowing her long bones, flexing and bowing her spine. He prays
the beads of her vertebrae and enacts the sacrament of release. Her moans
signify the end of the treatment.

The patient, who had gotten herself a job receiving men's parts and fluids
into her body, and whose professional standing is certified by the flatness
of her eyes, now begins, with her no less knowing touch, to treat the man
who treated her.  She demonstrates to good effect a number of holds which it
is impossible that the man should do for himself. His appreciation is
outstanding. She finishes with her most special hold on the bone that bears
his weight. His moans signify the end of the treatment.

A man paces in the next room, who had gotten himself a job as a professional
wrestler. He is very tense; he has stripped naked and is waiting for the
opportunity to join the staff in demonstrating those holds that he knows

Date of Birth: December 10, 1946
Location: Monkton, Maryland
Occupation: Poet & Editor
Publications: Poetry Scotland, Nightingale, Verse Libre Quarterly, The Writer's Hood, Stirring, Rustlings of the Wind, Poetic Voices, World Haiku Review, Short Stuff, etc.
Chapbook: Port of Call and Other Poems
Editor of: Haiku Harvest
Other: Former editor of Gunpowder River Poetry, Amaze: The Cinquain Journal, and Templar Phoenix webzines, and the Haiku Cycles e-books including Saijiki-X

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