Theresa Boyar


She eats them in the forest.
It's the alternate version,
the one the younger brother
tells in taverns, irritated
with his co-author's blind
lust for happily-ever-afters. 

She springs from the oven
smoking like a strudel, but alive.
She's a witch, after all. 

They don't put up much of a fight,
plump and packing stolen jewels,
the smeared violence
of a jelly doughnut encircling
Hansel's baby lips.  Strings of pearls
spilling from Gretel's pinafore,
tripping her up.

It's over in a flash and nothing
is left but the bones,
which the witch ties up,
hauls home, plunks
into a pot for a nice tisane.

The storyteller tips his pint
and winks at his older brother, a promise
to work their differences out
on paper.

Date of Birth: August 31, 1969
Location: Helena, Montana
Publications: The Paumanok Review, Samsara Quarterly, The Adirondack Review, Pierian Springs, Wicked Alice, DMQ Review, Eclectica, etc.
Awards: Finalist for the 2002 Katharine Anne Porter Prize in Fiction; 1998 Pushcart Prize nominee

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