Claudia Grinnell


lecture 1, MWF 10a

Domestic abuse is one of those topics
we mostly agree is difficult to write about.
It's complex, goes the argument, there be dragons
here: sentimentality, too much sympathy, not enough,
dialog all wrong, not to speak
of the line breaks. Love too
is tough. Same for dragons. Maidens in distress
are frowned upon. But that doesn't mean
the difficult topic can't be dealt with, should not be
approached. Go there, be brave, poetry isn't
for pussies. (although some get pussy from poetry)

(here, lecturer got pulled off the stage)

lecture 2, MWF 10a

Bald, poems should be bald. (??)
Somebody must be desperate. [sp?]

lecture 3, MWF 10a

Previously we discussed dragons. Slay them.
Today we learned to never ever use:
decomposition prior to disarticulation,
unless a very famous murder case is being dissected
and then it should be made general enough to appeal to audiences
100 years hence -- aim high -- you never know.

lecture 4, MWF 10a

That's a line to get off on, today we learned
when to quit.

[got pulled off stage again, announcement: new room,
starting next week]

Instructions to new room: tutors are standing by to lead you
by hand from the old room to the new room
on the day and hour next scheduled class meeting. Be sure to
check your syllabus to re-confirm same. These are highly trained
tutors whose record brings great honor upon our university.

lecture 5, MWF 10a

My thanks to all who found the new room.
the others who didn't understand
my clearly written instructions are hereby dropped
from the rolls.

Location: Monroe, Louisiana
Occupation: English Instructor
Book: Conditions Horizontal

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