Stirring : A Literary Collection
Established September, 1999

Stirring : A Literary Collection
by Alaina B-Stone

V5:E8 : August 2003
Kami Westhoff
Kami Westhoff

Benjamin Chambers
Three Views of Moonchance
Gu Cheng
(translated by Aaron Crippen)
Huadiao Soliloquy
Chad Davidson
Glass Houses
James Lineberger
how to skin a cat
Jessy Randall
My Son, When He Is Sick
Jim Reese
Susan Richardson
Red Velvet
Blake Starbuck Rogers
for Four Days: a Husband
Michael Virga
Focus: The August Stars

John Vernon
Section 2: An excerpt from The Last Canyon

Wes looked around him: all hell was breaking loose. His boat had nosed down, got gripped by the river, and wind had turned to water. The Emma Dean shot forward in a blink and Wes was shouting and Jack Sumner rowing air and Bill Dunn pulling so hard on his oars that a tholepin popped out and clattered to his feet.

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