Timothy Matthew Green


already the leaves are changing
as they do, first spat of red at the tips
roiling downward--a bloom,
a blush, an ameba

the leashed moon trails its maker,
sheds its silver skin.
you could set your watch to it,

keep time forever on your wrist.
in the corner a flash-figure like
a subliminal message, coming
and going, a candle-flick regularity

if not intensity--or did you only
blink just there? with the sound
so low itís hard to tell, so much
always imagined.

          imagine now:
one leaf dropping swift
like a rainbow, like a childís
first sight of blood. am i

really made of this stuff?

the child says, holds up a wet
finger. if the blood runs dry
will i blow away, too?

Date of Birth: June 4, 1980
Location: Rochester, New York
Email: timgreen@rochester.rr.com
Occupation: Counselor
Publications: The Wolf, Tryst, Actionman, Logos

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