Kathryn Hawkins


Iíve got a picture of you
falling off your bike under Interstate 5,
taken in July, 1989. The photoís
full of grass and gravel, just a smear
of Technicolor teenage boy, feathered
hair and stonewashed jeans, shooting
sideways out of frame. Look closely
and youíll find your mouth: a wide black
dot. Your left arm almost skims against
the asphalt, just before you split the bone
in two. The bikeís in better focus; shining
rouge and chrome, arcing gracefully
to meet the ground. I still hang it here
in the garage, paled and powdered with dust,
handles warped and twisted
from the impact. And you, my son,
15 years past, still scarred; rivets
down your back, the stiffness of your hand
that last touched mine the day
I didnít rush to catch you, but stood back
and tripped the shutter.

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Email: kathy@planetscollide.com
Publications: Stirring, Dirt, etc.

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