john sweet


you and your sister and
the way she says she
wants to be in love
the way she says she's
too high to sleep
says she sees the baby's face
when she closes her eyes
and the way you say nothing
in the back seat
say nothing tied to the bed or
face down on the bathroom floor
and eventually you're gone
nothing but words on
a postcard from mexico city
and then silence
and your sister says she's
willing to bleed
says she wants
to get clean but that the
sunlight hurts her eyes 
says that her boyfriend
likes it when she begs
loves it when she crawls
through the
broken glass of her past
and she smiles like it
matters that he's happy

Location: Endicott, New York
Publications: Seeker, JAW, Red River Review, Zygote in My Coffee, etc.
Books: Silence in the House of Truths, Enemy

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