Kenneth Pobo


Spring is like my lover --
when we go shopping
he's slow slow slow,
mulls everything.  I want
to strip in the sporting goods,
give a glass of water to a mannequin,
read Whitman to a changing
room mirror.  Spring
pokes along, will not show
her primrose-pink shoes.  Winter
sleeps holding his rifle.  How easy
for spring to quickly tiptoe in,
plop salmon begonias
in instantly warm soil, but no,
spring is slow slow slow
like Stan, holding up two brands
of pillows, both $17.99,
terrified he'll choose poorly.

Date of Birth: August 24, 1954
Location: Folsom, Pennsylvania
Occupation: Assoc. Professor of English and Creative Writing, Widener University
Publications: Tamafyhr Mountain Press, 2River View,, Three Candles, Drexel Online Journal, Adirondack Review, Southern Ocean Review, Plumruby Review, Prose Toad, Lightning Bell
Books: Postcards from America (Tamafyhr Mountain Press); Introductions (Pearl's Book'Em Press); Ordering : A Season in my Garden (Higganum Hills Books)

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