Teresa White


I own the moon
glowering in the southern sky.

My purse has many pockets
and all of them are full.

Our house has not burned down.

We have not drowned
on a ferry in Nigeria.

Flood waters have not forced
livestock to the roof.

I am rich.
Our cupboards are full,
there is grain in the bin.

I have a jewelry box glimmering
with amethyst, jade
and malachite.

A time will come when
we will lie down together
under lilacs and roses

and let the  braille of our headstones
tell our simple story.

Location: Spokane, Washington
Email: whiteheart_1998@yahoo.com
Website: http://members.tripod.com/~whiteheart2/index.html
Publications: Octavo, Poet's Canvas, Conspire, Small Spiral Notebook, Eclectica, Thunder Sandwich, Kimera, Rattle, Snow Monkey, Cenotaph, Stirring
Book: In What Furnace?
Awards: Pushcart Prize nominee

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