Sarah Sloat


That I worry menopause will kill me
That when I see the leaves change Iím paralyzed
That when youíre not there I lose the scent
That I canít rouse the snow from its coma
That I am not smart enough to know what it is
That I lost count
That there is a struggle going on all the goddamned time
That I canít watch the sleet turn to filth another year
That I canít explain
That your absence is omnivorous
That I am not good with anger
That I have spent my life as if listening to slippers cross a bedroom
That I have distilled the nativity down to the donkey
That to love you I must allow you loose days
and dig my fingernails into the night

Date of Birth: November 30
Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Publications: Pebble Lake Review, Stirring, Snakeskin, Nth Position, The Rose and Thorn, Mocha Memoirs, etc.
Awards: 2004 Pushcart nomination

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