K.R. Copeland


     With a large enough sample, any outrageous thing is apt to happen.
          -Persi Diaconis, Frederick Mosteller, Harvard University

I draw my thoughts out in long lines, word after enervating word as if trying to catch a fish
off in the distance. My wrist grows tired from the casting, my mind reels. It's easy
to get caught in strings of lingo, when interlaced they make a mighty net. Still I'd bet
there's been a dozen other mongers who have said the same thing using much less sweat.
So I'll take a break, a breather, here beneath this shady tree, have a sandwich and a drink
of something sweet.  Greet a mega-swarm of several swarms of Africanized bees,
the vibrato of their buzzing causing pleasure far beyond the pond or seas.

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