K.R. Copeland


The male g-spot isn't hard to find,
provided you've a guide by Dr. Ruth
that showcases the glands and genitals,
with pictures, offers elements of proof

that such a spot exists between the balls
and bum-hole, lonely waiting to be touched
with just a tip of index, nothing much,
some gentle pressure during intercourse.

I must confess, I haven't found it yet
though once I swore my finger was quite near,
wedge-nuzzled in a crook of curly hair;
explorer in a multitude of musk.

Turns out unlike Columbus finding land
I'd found a hollow, round and soundly banned.

K.R. Copeland is a poet/digital photographer from Chicago, Illinois. Her poems and photos have appeared in numerous zines and journals, and you can Google her any time you please. K.R. is one of two judges for the ongoing Beginnings Magazine poetry competitions. Her first chapbook, "Anatomically Correct", is slated for release this month through Dancing Girl Press.

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