Amy MacLennan


A simple enough transaction:
for you a week at my place,
for me a hundred bucks off the rent.

But it's been three days
and you're not eating.

The Hoover incident I accept
as my fault. In my own defense,
I was late for a date.

But all you've done
is perch on the hutch.

I understand your reserve
after the introduction to Spike,
a poorly formulated plan.

But come for a nibble,
a peck at some apple.

The smoke alarm, a fluke,
won't bother you again.
I bought a new toaster.

But you've got to eat, so please
fly down.

I will offer millet,
jangle keys, give you seed from my hand
and if it makes any difference,

changes anything at all,
I will praise you, admire you,

honor you.

First published in So Luminous the Wildflowers, An Anthology of California Poets

Amy MacLennan has been published or has work forthcoming in Cimarron Review, Wisconsin Review, Rattle, Controlled Burn, South Dakota Review and Folio.

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