JF Quackenbush


     on a photograph of Stacie Primeaux taken by her son

Hold this end and fold the length
folds and then walk together in hair done up
and small steps lens flare; I'll grab the crease
steps fold back as in boxstep we. Then hold on toes
fold the length we walk down together curtsey
in your skirt as we sort the sheets
and I'll bow backwards steps with cloth drifts down.
Wash bed clothes white in the grass barefoot
on toes fold sheets and snap sun bleached
linen off the clothesline dancers.

JF Quackenbush is a consultant, freelance writer, and art critic who lives in Seattle, Washington. His poetry and prose have appeared previously in Arcturus, YankTheChain, Wet Asphalt, Urban Pollution and other periodicals.

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