Tiffany Noonan

The company estimates approximately 14,000 power poles were
damaged by Wilma more than the sum total of those replaced
after the 2004 hurricanes Charley, Frances and Jeanne combined.

Two girls,

(one in boyshorts,
the other in bikinis,
hold each other & marvel

Even white cotton glows
dark by candlelight,
but oh!

how their skin flickers through
those holes folded
up-&-out in the sky,

lines down:
all those constellations
like freckles, holes torn in

underwear, ashes
in the Weber bottom)
drinking tequila without lime

& asking each other how
another woman scattered
power above them.

Tiffany Noonan currently lives in Coral Springs, Florida, where she is working on a novel and a year-long exploration of the lyric essay using featured articles from Wikipedia. Her work has appeared in can we have our ball back?, Words on Walls, Shampoo Poetry , and other journals.

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