Jennifer VanBuren


made a decision to put numbers on my produce.
Who assigned Golden Delicious 1045
and Jonathan 2029?

My guess:
at that precise moment
scientists were given divine permission
to sew flounder genes
into our strawberries
so they too can be frost resistant.
All the way down Route 70
alphanumeric codes on metal signs
mark the end of the corn rows.
I want my words back.

I want my words back.
The cashier does not know the name
of my onions.
She does not need to know
the name of my onions.
They are not even in season.


With degrees and a former career if science, education and instructional technology, Jennifer now does volunteer work while raising her two children in addition to writing poetry, creating digital photography and editing the web-based journal of visual and literary arts, Mannequin Envy. Living in Baltimore, Jennifer takes advantage of the many benefits of city life, but also enjoys camping and hiking in the Maryland woods, climbing waterfalls, skipping stones and attempting to lure songbirds into her tiny yard. Three of her latest publications are: Niedergasse, Verse Libre Quarterly and Eclectica. One of her poems was nominated for a Pushcart prize, and her poetry and photography has been featured in from East to West, Artistry of Life and Admit 2.

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