Lynn Strongin


Night fell through the windows of our institute.
-Rutger Kopland Dutch poet, “The Latest Findings”

Your faithful servants, Haldo & Nemendo
stand at attention, Mother. New drugs, in long brown woolen skirts. Shall you welcome then?
One to ease depression          One to help memory return
a third for sleep Ativan.

I see them using iron pokers
to lift
burner lids to an old iron cookstove.

to lift memories
like old photographs from an album      and blow dust off them,

I capture       the corner of a table
a stove
your face crumbles in my hands.

Night falls whatever we do to hold it back:
thru windows, onto desk, tile or hardwood floor
illuming dust.
I lean on a window
could tumble out
child of clay or paper.

For half a year life has been standby
gazing thru the circular window
of the hospital room

prompting you to
“Stay. Come”
a ghostly milk patrol-cop turning in all directions at once like spun weathervane.


                        Mother, we are made up of time:
little gray cells
celluloid tapes         in long translation: transition

when the column divides, we die:
marble dust blowing, copper mist & brick particles swirling over
mourners        gathered in a ring like women doing washing at a well
        dark sun pleating their indigo & brown skirts like carved wood with waves of ocean.

An American poet living in Canada, Lynn Strongin has published work in over thirty anthologies, fifty-five journals both in print and on-line, and will have nine books published by the middle of this year. Some of the journals in which poetry appears are Poetry, Prairie Schooner, Shenandoah, Southern Humanities Review, The American Voice, New Works Review (featured poet) Argotist Review (U.K.) Snow Monkey upcoming as featured poet, Artistry in Life upcoming featured poet. Work of hers was recently nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

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